TSJ piece [#2]

TSJ | POV - " Nate and John Tyler" - Part 1 from Matt Payne on Vimeo.



section from Dion's movie titled Thanks for the Dinner and the Sex

Bumpy Ridings

by David Malcolm

Huevos Revueltos 2 [dos]

Guest shredding by Daniel Shea. Original Score by Cincos Amigos Mariachi Band.

Biscuit Burgers

by Dave Malcolm

INNERSECTION alternate [directors cut]

the song that we could not get the rights to


Edited by Victor Pakpour

JingLe JangLes

Sterling, Timmy, and myself struggle surfing... by Dave Malcolm

staying clasSy

mas para tu

Snap them Fings

the forefront of fun with Sterling... put on record by Dave Malcolm

[caBo] waBo

courtesy of Vicky Pakpour.


a Joe G. masterpiece.

Young Cub Crew

yet again, old school edit. this was the crew back in the day. right around the same time as my promo vid edit, i put this together to showcase the gang. in order of apperance: Yadin Nichol, Carl Holmes, Troy Powell, Kilian Garland, Me, and Bummy Kopenshnitzhel.

Young Cub Days

i was sifting through some old DV tapes tonight and came across my very first iMovie-Promo-Video edit from when i was 16 yrs old. my hair steez is still the same, but my combos have slipped a little! .... one of my best buddies Mike Dent shot all of the footage.

MoOdy Monday

harsh hippy living in the bush, 2 cars totaled by falling oak tree.